How it Works

Welcome to a new generation of Internet Payment System!:

ZuPago HyBrid(HD) Wallet opens unique opportunities to Internet users by making it possible to make instant money transfer throughout the Internet.

If you have chosen to use ZuPago HyBrid(HD) Wallet, the system will enable you to do the following.

  • Buy other currencies such as Bitcoin, GBP, USD as well as EUR.
  • Transfer money between ZuPago members.
  • Receive money over the Internet & in Cash.
  • Make regular online payments.
  • Get monthly interests by storing funds in your account.
  • Make payments for goods and services.

ZuPagoHyBrid(HD)Wallet presents unique features for businesses as well as personal accounts.

The following are unique ways to deposit money to ZuPagoHyBrid(HD):

  • Bank Wire
  • To deposit money to your ZuPago HyBrid(HD) Wallet account, you will have an option to accept bank wire even if you don’t have a bank account.

  • Bank transfer
  • This is the most convenient way to deposit money from the comfort of your home or office. By using this option, you will be instructing your bank to transfer money without having to pay your bank a visit.

  • Cash terminals
  • To deposit money to your ZuPagoHyBrid Wallet account, you should create an order at the deposit section and the funds will be credited to your account immediately.

  • Bitcoin
  • You can use Bitcoin crypto-currency to deposit funds to your ZuPagoHyBrid Wallet account instantly.

  • ZuPago Money Prepaid Card / e-Voucher
  • This is an option when you buy an e-Voucher on the Internet with an Activation code or a Prepaid Card locally and credit your account after entering the code to the special form. For example you can buy the e-Voucher for e-currency or Western Union with a variety of online exchange services or auctions.

  • E-currency
  • You can deposit funds to your account via e-currency transfer from other accounts in electronic payment systems. Keep in mind that all e-currency deposit transactions are instant.

Withdraw money with ZuPago Money

  • Bank Wire
  • You can withdraw your ZuPago Hybrid Wallet funds via Bank wire transfer and you can also withdraw it as payment for buying goods and services online.

  • Bitcoin
  • You can instantly withdraw yourZuPago Hybrid Wallet funds to your Bitcoin Wallet (BTC). Transaction is always automatic.

Login process to your account

You should fill in your member ID as well as password to login your account. If you have already forgot your password, you should click forgot password and follow instructions to change your password.

Registration process

When creating ZuPago account, we recommend you use your up-to-date information such as your current postal address. The main reason why you should provide up-to-date information is the fact that the information will be necessary for future notifications. You should also read terms and conditions and choose whether to accept or decline.

Adding Account to your ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet account

Adding Account to your ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet accountwill takes a minute of your time. Follow the following instructions to add an account.

  • Log into your ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet account.
  • At the top of the page, click "add account".
  • Fill in the requested information and click verify.
How it works
  • Create your ZuPago account.
  • Login to your account.
  • Select the service that you want. For instance, you can select withdraw money, transfer money or even buy goods.
  • Get the best, fast and the most reliable service.

The following are additional things that you can do with your ZuPago account:

  • Send and receive money
  • The only thing that you will need is to sign up for a ZuPago account and request for the service.

  • Set up recurring money transfer
  • After signing up, you can easily set up your ZuPago account to automatically transfer money to your preferred country and currency.

  • Online payments
  • You can buyproducts online using money in your ZuPago account.