Frequently asked questions


simply logon your 

ZuPago account ==> Bitcoin Wallet (BTC) ==> Send Bitcoin (BTC)==> Select Send To OTHER'S BTC NETWORK A/C 

1: There are 2 types of ZuPago HyBrid HD Wallet Gift Card 

   i: ZuPago HyBrid HD Wallet Bitcoin Gift-Card you generate this with your Bitcoin Balance, We do not change fee while Generating Bitcoin Gift-Card or Loading/Redeem Bitcoin Gift-Card with your Bitcoin Wallet

   ii:  ZuPago HyBrid HD Wallet Account Gift Card you generate this with any of your USD, EUR or GBP balance. We do change low fee while Generating USD, EUR or GBP Gift-Cards. 100% free while Loading/Redeem Gift-Card to your USD, EUR or GBP account 

Note You Can Only Load/Redeemed ZuPago Gift Cards Within ZuPago HyBrid HD Wallet Network 

If you have another question, fill out the request form and the support team will get in touch immediately.

After transaction is completed, there is no way to cancel.

There is no specific maximum amount that you can transfer. 

The only countries that are excluded from using the service include USA.

The platform is already encrypted in such a way that all information is private, secure, safe and confidential.

If someone has transferred money to you, it will instantly appear into your ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet balance. It is your choice to use the money how you want. For instance, you can transfer to your account, you can send to someone and you can also buy items online. 

After signing up, you can keep and use your account for as long as you want since it will never expire. 

Sure, you can. No matter where you are located, expect does are not on our registration list. ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet is available across the globe.

No, it’s completely free of charge to sign up and use services offered in ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet.

ZuPago HyBrid (HD) Wallet was founded by a team of professionals that consisted of certified and licensed lawyers, economists, programmers as well as experts in banking area.